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About skill disk

"To be a pioneer in empowering the future generation by imparting pristine knowledge which can greatly enhance the cognitive ability, through ceaseless innovation in education , research, and creativity."


4A Towards Success

Are you about to graduate?

Are you a graduate?

Having a degree in hand opens doorway to job opportunities in various government sectors, public sectors, banks, and MNCS. The first step towards a successful career after education is to aspire.

Are you a job aspirant?

Have you given a thought over, “What do I aspire? How do I fulfil my aspirational goals?”

4-a model skill disk

Skill Disk 4A model

Our 4A model is designed to give you an insight on how to successfully transform your aspirational goals into achievement.

Aspire: Set your aspirational goals.
  • The kind of job/ jobs that fits you the best in the long run based on your capabilities and interests.
  • Self-doubt, confusion, ignorance, and surroundings clouds the judgement. Do not let these things affect your decision.
  • Understand the recruitment process for the job.
  • Skillsets required. Concentrate both on hard skills and soft skills.
  • Strengths and weakness. (Assess yourself thoroughly by taking tests, not on basis of what you feel)
  • Set a target time to achieve the required skillsets.
  • Make a routine action plan to hone your skills.
  • Implement the action plan from day 1.
  • Keep a track of your improvement on a weekly basis through self-tests (what you learned in the week).
  • While learning multiple things. Take tests on each area separately in time-restricted mode to optimize your approaches.
  • Test yourself randomly till you are satisfied with results.
  • Once you have acquired the required skillsets, test yourself with the whole process of recruitment by creating a virtual environment.
  • Repeat it with random sets of mock tests till you are satisfied.
  • Create an attractive Resume.
  • Apply whenever opportunity knocks.

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